Mohammadh hossein shafiei AI engineer portfolio
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MohammadHossein Shafiei

Looking for Ph.D. position in the field of Artificial Intelligence
  • M.Sc., (Studying), Artificial Intelligence;  GPA of 16.55/20 – (3.51/4.0).
  • B.Sc, Software Engineering; GPA of 17.88/20 – (3.72/4.0). 
  • +7 years of professional experience in related fields.
Research Interests
  • Computer Vision
  • NLP (Natural Language Processing)
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Recommender Systems
  • Data Mining
  • Machine Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning


IAU ( Research & Science Branch),  Kerman — M.Sc.
Aug 2022 – Present (  Will be completed on July  2024 )

GPA: 17.06/ 20 – ( 3.61/4.0 )

Thesis title: Predicting position of hidden dental root canal using fully convolutional Neural Networks

This is a video of me teaching LSTSMs to students, last semester, during my Master program

Technical and Vocational University,  Kerman — B.Sc.
Aug 2020 – Aug 2022

Bachelor of Software Engineering; GPA: 17.21/20 – ( 3.63/4.0 )

Technical and Vocational University,  Kerman — A.A.S
Aug 2017 – Aug 2019

Associate Degree of Electrical Power Engineering

Research Experience
Problem: For complete denervation and to prevent infection and common diseases that are done with incorrect denervation and with high error, it is considered a difficult task for dentists to detect the root canal of the tooth, and its detection from PA photos requires significant experience.By using artificial intelligence, it is possible to identify the nerve channel and reduce the dentist’s error. In addition, sinus canals are also very important for dentists because they may become problematic in some dental treatments and dentists must be able to accurately diagnose them.
Data Collection Instruments: All data collected from Kerman, Iran dentistry clinics and patients privacy preserved.
Evaluation metrics: IoU, Dice Coefficient, F1-Score, Jaccard, Recall and Precision.
Shafiei, M. H., & Ghaemi, M. M. (2023).Deep learning and image Processing techniques to read date and price from a variety of receipt images in two languages of Persian and English. – Under Preparation, will be submitted to an IEEE journal.
Abstract Description: Zoodex (Food Delivery Co.) hired a method to prevent couriers from making mistakes or cheating in the payments. The policy is to forcing couriers to take picture of every payment receipt to get a confirmation by operators. Problem: This policy was reducing the productivity and performance of operators and employees involved. It also caused some financial problems such as accounting issues and contradiction of tax payment documents. Collection Instruments: All data collected from Zoodex database which contains previous pictures captured by couriers. Evaluation metrics: Mean Squared Error (MSE), Categorical Crossentropy, Binary Crossentropy, CTC Loss, CWER and CER.
Increasing efficiency and productivity indicators has always been a very important concern for organizations. The use of new methods of project management and control, including agile management, has solved this concern to a very high extent and has caused a new development in this industry. This new method, which has many sub-branches including Scrum, is a recurring cyclical process that alternately examines the product and takes feedback and, as a result, takes corrective action. In this way, there is a lot of interaction between all the stakeholders of the project, which will be the main factor in progress and preventing many interruptions and delays. In this research, the impact of implementing the agile method (agile) with the help of ….